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date: 2014-07-01
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With the increasing demand for ticketing,ZCS released android ticketing payment terminal machine in 2015.To serve more customers,our team modify the machine from time to time.Now ZCS android POS payment terminal machines become much more stable and more user-friendly.

01 Support bluetooth printing,compatible with different ticketing Apps:

All of ZCS android payment terminal machines support bluetooth printing.Bluetooth printing technology is widely used in the ticketing softwares.This solves the compatibility problems.The merchants can use specific app to print tickets according to ther use scenario. See Products

Why ZCS android POS terminal machine for ticketing?





High compatibility

Have a high compatibility with applications on the market,it is able to work well with various use of ticketing softwares.

Fast printing speed

ZCS improves the printing to meet the high-speed printing demand.

Able to print all languages

ZCS android payment terminal supports printing of Figure,symbol,graph,curve,icon,multi-languages.

Tear off Paper Cleanly

With the innovative design of printer teeth,you can tear off receipts cleanly

02 Support All tickets

With ZCS android POS payment terminal machine,you can print any tickets,bills,invoice and coupons as required.It will be the best assistant for customer service representatives, managers, and administrators

See Products


You can use our android POS payment terminal machine to print the following tickets. 


bus ticket,movie ticket,taxfree ticket(utility bills)mobile top up,hospital service invoice,government ticketing,insurance ticket,school invoice, Telecommunications (Telephone & Internet) invoice, Credit, Loans, & Payments ticket,coupon,

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