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发布时间: 2019 / 04 / 04
ZCS plays an increasingly important role in mobile payment, Z90 android POS spreads all over the world,it serves more than 50 countries.01 Work for QR code paymentTo catch up the pace of mobile payment development,ZCS android POS payment terminal is specifically designed to work for QR code payment.ZCS team improve the 5MP camera to acomplish the fast QR code scanning.See ProductsTwo methods for QR code paymentScan QR codeBuyers show their QR code on the mobile phone for payment one by one,then you scan it to make collections and release the receipt.No need to use cash,your business runs much fasterRelease QR code to be scannedYou release QR code on the handheld android POS payment terminal,buyers scan it to make the payment.The payment procedure will be finished in seconds. 02 Work f...
发布时间: 2014 / 07 / 01
ZCS plays an increasingly important role in students education,ET10 Tab series have attracted more and more educators and students.By branding the tablets for elite educational institutions,ZCS has harvested trust and public praise in China and abroad.01 Tools for self-directed learning To keep up with the changing world, one must be involved in lifelong learning and be ready to accept new things.People start self-directed learning with the help of mobile devices.However,the tab users have more or less encountered problems which bother them. See ProductsHow can ET10 series Tablets help you?Support WiFi&4G networkET10 series tabs support WiFi and 4G network,they are able to meet your different network demand,no matter at school,library,home,café,etc.Safeguard users and dataET1...
发布时间: 2014 / 07 / 01
With the increasing demand for ticketing,ZCS released android ticketing payment terminal machine in 2015.To serve more customers,our team modify the machine from time to time.Now ZCS android POS payment terminal machines become much more stable and more user-friendly.01 Support bluetooth printing,compatible with different ticketing Apps: All of ZCS android payment terminal machines support bluetooth printing.Bluetooth printing technology is widely used in the ticketing softwares.This solves the compatibility problems.The merchants can use specific app to print tickets according to ther use scenario. See ProductsWhy ZCS android POS terminal machine for ticketing?High compatibilityHave a high compatibility with applications on the market,it is able to work well with various use of ticketing ...
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