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Shenzhen ZCS Technology Co.,Ltd. is a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies. We provide Android POS,Custom tablet,Magstripe,Smart card Reader/Writer , Mobile Payment solutions, services and value-added services at the POS. ZCS plays an increasingly important role in mobile payment,our products spread all over the world,it serves more than 50 countries.

To financial POS terminal as the core of intelligent products, to adapt to a variety of payment scenarios, compatible with a variety of payment methods, comes with a sound application software, powerful platform management software and operational solutions.Print receipt every where! 

Diversified data connection, high standard hardware configuration, top with professional encryption security chip. Key structure, simple fashion, to give a comfortable touch, the ultimate compact button settings, the perfect realization of Smart beauty and comfortable grip.

With luxury configuration,ET10 is a high-end tablet with open android system. Customers can develop multiple softwares for different industries and application scenarios. It is equipped with 8000mAh large battery and deca-core 64 bit processor,meeting the requirements of long and fast running. This finework covers every details that consumers care. It is a brand-customizable tablet for enterprise.

Desktop POS system is an android all-in-one POS system with multi card readers. It is able to match diversified use scenarios ranging from cashier, financial self-attendance, membership management, and etc. On the same time, it also widely used in supermarket, restaurant, banking, hotel, shopping mall, lottery and etc.

Mobile Bluetooth connection device, compact structure, compact body, better savings space, cordless rope, can be free to move. High-speed core processor, high-performance printer movement, greatly enhanced the printing and service life, the machine response more quickly.

Unique card slot design, draw card simple and lightweight, to reduce the magnetic stripe scratches, with long head life, support high and low speed card operation, a variety of recording format compatible function, the software can be upgraded as you need.

ZCS is your reliable mobile payment solution provider
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