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Why You Need a Technical Support Service?


Many companies are offering technical support for software.Oftentimes,this support is working with a technician that is the expert on the software.Other may come in the form of aknowledgebase,documentation,or even videos being provided.Despite the media in which support is given,it is important to have this support.The main reason most people and companiespurchase support is to fix critical issues that directly affect production.This would be your traditional break/fix support,which is often the baseline for a technical support service.

What ZCS provide you?

01. When you place a sample order,ZCS will provide a SDK with demo for your development.SDK/API is necessary for your project,you can develop softwares as your required.You can test the device with the demo.

A Software Development Kit(SDK)can refer to a number of sofware tools,but a commonly agreed upon definition is:"A set of tools that can be used to create and develop applications."Ingeneral,an SDK refers to a full-suite software module that includes everything you need for a specific module within an app.They are often compared to a code library.which is a collection ofnon-volatile resources,used by computer programs,often for software development.It often"wraps"(fully or partially implements)an API and utilizes the APIs communication protocols in theappropriate and intended manner.It includes examples,documentation and,the methodology necessary to perform specific functions.

What ZCS provide you?

02 When you meet any questions during the development,ZCS will build a technical support group for assistance.

We will build a technical support group to offer the direct support.Our experienced engineers are able to talk to you one to one.Any issues will get our attention.The engineers will guide youto solve your problems.ZCS always provides a long-term support for your project.

What ZCS provide you?

03.When you meet any problems about maintenance,ZCS will analyze the reasons and guide you to solve the problems

ZCS thinks highly of after sales service.We will arrange technicians to analyze the reasons and give the solutions as soon as possible when you meet any problems about maintenance.Wewill take action to your demands.Our aim is to help our customers out.Please don't hesitate to consult us.Besides,to help maintain the devices,we can offer the maintenance manual

04.When you want to learn more about the maintenance,we can arrange your training course in China.
Visit of engineers for maintenance training is always warmly welcomed.

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