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ZCS|2023 ZCS Company Annual Meeting Celebration

2024-01-19    Author : ZCS

Orioles sing and swallows dance to celebrate the New Year, tigers leap and dragons soar in joy; the spring breeze is mighty, and dragons soar in the Year of the Dragon. On January 19, ZCS company successfully held the annual meeting celebration of Shenzhen ZCS Technology Co., Ltd. with the theme of "Working together with one heart and forging ahead, gathering strength to win the future". General Manager Chen, together with all employees, will play a passionate prelude to 2024.


1. General Manager’s Speech


At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Chen of CEMC first expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the hard-working employees. At the same time, he affirmed everyone’s hard work in 2023 and his outlook for the situation in 2024. He hoped that everyone would work together in 2024. , with joint efforts, we can complete higher challenges, brave the wind and waves without fear of challenges. Next, under the champagne toasts of Mr. Chen, Mr. Tan, Mr. Pan, Mr. Gu and Sister Lin, everyone is invited to raise their glasses together. I wish everyone a prosperous career and endless financial resources.



2. Dinner, Awards, and Lucky Draws


Excellent teams and individuals are the cornerstone of enterprise development. There is a group of outstanding employees who are working silently and shining brightly for the company. Because of them, the company can develop better and better, so the company specially customized their own personal figures and gave them high bonuses. There are also some lucky ones who won the first, second and third prizes set by the company, which were drawn by our leaders.



3. Interactive games, you come and I go


There were interactive mini-games on site, and all employees actively participated and interacted enthusiastically. Everyone competed for the championship in a back-and-forth game. The games included "Number 7 Game", "Unusual" and "Blindfolded Guess". Congratulations to the champions for receiving red envelopes.


No matter how high the mountain is, if you climb higher, you can always reach the top.

No matter how long the road is, if you keep going, you will definitely reach it!

Looking back on 2023,

We accompany each other,

Witness the progress and development of China Magnetics.

Looking forward to 2024,

We have sunshine in our hearts and strength under our feet to create a better tomorrow together!



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